SOS Label Services


Slice Of Spice prides itself on working with recording artists and labels to provide professional project management services and products of the highest quality. If your brand or project needs creative direction, art design, executive production, unique marketing and release strategies, or even direct to fan sales and distribution for physical and digital...look no further! The SOS team can project manage at a macro level or provide a full one-stop-shop service to cover all of your needs. To discuss your project and our range of available services, please contact us through labelservices@slice-of-spice.com


Q: Do You Sign Artists?

A: NO. We are not a traditional record label and do not sign artists, provide advances or finance marketing budgets. We offer executive production, project management and fulfillment services to artists wanting to achieve 'self release' without the need of a direct Label or Distribution partner. We also help labels and brands looking for that vinyl solution or signature merch with our unique style and high quality products.

Q: Do You Collaborate & Partner On Projects?

A: YES. Depending on the project pitched we may offer or agree to a collaborative partnership over our standard paid label services. This would also depend on availability in our own label's busy release schedule.

Q: Can I Send SOS My Demos Or New Project?

A: YES. We're always interested in listening to new music, interesting projects and up-and-coming artists. But as above these should not be sent with the expectation of any offer of a traditional record deal. 

Q: Do You Press Your Own Vinyl?

A: NO. We do not press our own vinyl and we are not a pressing plant. But we are partnered with the best in the business to ensure the final product is of the highest quality and turned around inside current industry standard timelines. If you are simply looking to press vinyl we would recommend reaching out directly to a pressing plant, but we can provide brokering services for projects with press runs of 500 and up.